Help your business drive revenue and customer loyalty with Clover® and Skupos

Upgrade to a smart, customizable Clover point of sale system today! Any store with a Clover POS system now offers Skupos to help you make more money by scanning items, providing discounts to your customers, and streamlining operations by eliminating paperwork. It’s quick, easy, and hassle-free.

Already own a Clover POS? Get enrolled with Skupos today.

How it works

Provide your email to be directed to to purchase the customizable Clover POS system that fits your business needs. Skupos Engage is not compatible with the Station PRO or the Station tethered to a mini.

During the check-out process, you will be asked to apply for a Merchant Services account. Clover will review your application, and once approved your equipment will be shipped in one business day.

Clover will provide instructions on setting up the device. Once both your device and inventory have been set-up, contact Skupos at (800) 559-1358, option 2 to sign up for the Skupos platform.

The Clover name, logo and related trademarks are owned by Clover Network, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of ©2020 Fiserv, Inc. or its affiliates, and are registered or used in the U.S. and many foreign countries. By providing your email address, you agree that Skupos and its partners including Fiserv and Clover may contact you with product and promotional messages.