Skupos for Distributors

Understand your customers’ demand for your products in advance.

For the first time ever, Skupos gives distributors real-time insight into store sales, and product velocity to understand customer product needs before they happen.

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Grow your customer base with Skupos software.

Skupos is the best software platform for creating value for your customers. With Skupos, you can give customers the latest in Scan Data programs to help protect and grow your volume.

Forecast demand

You’ll love our real time sales data from your accounts to enable you to forecast product needs, while improving your financial performance.

Acquire new clients

Grow your customer base by offering services from Skupos, the leading c-store tobacco scan data provider. Customers earn thousands and you pay nothing.

Give your customers a competitive edge

Discounted tobacco at no cost allows retailers to enjoy increased sales and distributors to protect their volume.

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